Web & Mobile Application Development

To Build or Not to Build?

The traditional approach to building software in-house can create a patchwork legacy of applications that prevent firms from being able to respond and adapt to new product requirements, environmental opportunities or competitive threats in a timely or cost-effective way. To be successful in the future, you need to be able to utilise technology to create sources of competitive differentiation and understand how much of this capability can be purchased off the shelf, what must remain in-house and how to integrate these capabilities.

To master control over your business, you need to move towards an environment that enables you to loosely-couple applications; plugging-in new capabilities and retiring legacy applications with minimum impact to the overall systems landscape.

Leveraging our consulting expertise and range of onshore, near-shore and offshore development capabilities, EMRC Partners can help you to;

  • evaluate and select 3rd party vendor software
  • design and build custom applications

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