Business Process Modelling

Welcome to BPMN 2.0

The traditional approach to modelling processes using swim lane documents, writing technical specifications, coding, testing, training and deploying prevents firms from being able to adapt in real-time. To be successful in the future, you need to be able to implement change to business processes and rules in hours, not months.

To master control over your business, you need to have an environment that enables you to monitor, model, simulate and deploy process flow and business rules logic in real-time.

Using the industry-standard Business Process Modelling and Notation specification (BPMN 2.0), EMRC Partners can help you to;

  • document your end-to-end business processes and business rules
  • create a cloud-based repository of processes available to everyone in your organisation
  • automate the execution of BPMN 2.0 processes in a workflow-engine

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